Why choose Peachy?


Discover the perfect blend of style, comfort, and performance in our athletic apparel. Designed specifically for people of all shapes and sizes, our garments embrace your body's natural contours, providing a flattering fit that boosts your confidence and motivates you to push beyond your limits.

Experience the freedom of movement with our thoughtfully engineered designs.

From flexible fabrics to strategic ventilation, our garments allow you to move with ease and comfort during any activity. Embrace your strength and embrace your style as you conquer new challenges.

We understand that an athletic lifestyle requires clothing that can keep up with your demands. That's why our garments are constructed with durable materials, ensuring longevity and reliability throughout your fitness journey. They are built to withstand intense workouts, outdoor adventures, and everything in between.

Join our community of like-minded humans who are passionate about living an athletic lifestyle. Embrace the camaraderie and support that comes from being a part of something greater. Choose our brand and unlock your true potential as you conquer your goals, one step at a time.

Invest in yourself, invest in your athletic journey. Choose our garments and let us be a part of your active lifestyle.

How we started

Peachy Athletic is a Women and Veteran owned and operated business that specializes in inclusive, comfortable, functional, and stylish athletic apparel and accessories. We began our journey in 2020 at the beginning of one of the most difficult times that our nation has faced; the COVID-19 pandemic. During dark times, we saw a window of opportunity to bring some light into the world and send love and hope to those in our small fitness community.  

Our community at the time, mostly women and a few men; were either close friends or new friends whom we had met through social media as we learned to navigate socialization and survival in this new world we lived in. 

Initially, our goals were small. We had a solid short and headband design that had been tested and loved by hundreds of women over the years before we formed Peachy Athletic. We thought we would make a few headbands and a shorts here and there using prints that our friends loved; just to send some good vibes out into the world. There was no money made. That wasn’t our goal. Our goal was to make people happy and comfortable in their own skin. What we didn’t expect was for the response to be so overwhelming.   

After about a year of doing small custom orders with Love Mi Designs, the demand was evident. Customers wanted more Peachy. They wanted to see what we were capable of on a larger scale. Shorts and headbands weren’t enough. Our customers wanted us to make everything, because according to them; we do things differently and we listen to their voice. With much hesitation and apprehension considering the big brands that are already very established; we had to take time to decide if this would be worth it.  

Our customers are the reason we decided to set bigger goals. After floods of incoming messages and social media comments from our customers telling us that we are the reason they feel comfortable and confident in their workout clothes, and we’re the reason they’re motivated to live a healthier lifestyle; we realized we couldn’t let our customers down. It was time to stop thinking small and to start thinking about the impact that we could have on a much larger scale. And thus Peachy Athletic decided to kick things up a notch and start large scale manufacturing. 

Sounds easy, doesn’t it? Nope. If there’s something that could go wrong, it did. With limited funds due to using our personal life savings to kick start our business, these setbacks were significant and defeating. But what we can say with honesty is that we have overcome some of the most difficult challenges in the clothing industry. Things we couldn’t even dream of. But we are fighters, and we won’t let roadblocks get in our way of our vision. We have been producing high quality garments since 2020. Our reach has extended to distant countries around the world. We continue to design for our customers and achieve our goals, which is to make clothing that fits our customers – not clothing that they need to fit into. 

Our core ethos were derived from many years of dedication to our nation, our friends, but most of all; our families. From our life experiences, we have learned how important our customers are, and how to fight for what we believe in through all of the adversity and difficulties in this world. We stand strong for our brand and for the men and women we design for. Our customers’ voices are heard, and we design products for them. 


Etymology of Peachy Athletic 

Our brand name was derived from simplicity. Not just after the delicious fruit that may resemble a bum (we do specialize in shorts…), but after the phrase “Life is Peachy”. Our brand name was created to express happiness and good vibes. We want our customers to feel good when they think of us or see our brand logo somewhere.  


Our Purpose 

Our purpose is to make clothing that fits you, not clothing that you need to fit into. 


Our Promise 

Our brand promise is to always be our genuine authentic selves and to continually interact with our customers. To listen, accept feedback, and incorporate this into all future designs and business decisions. Our customers are not a number. Our customers are human beings that deserve to be heard and deserve to have the best customer service.  

Our brand promise is to continue to deliver high-quality garments that are inclusive of all of our customers. We are not afraid to go off the beaten path and make clothing that you’ve never seen before. We promise to bring our customers designs that evoke thoughts and feelings; giving you another platform to express yourself.  

We also promise to always offer discounts to those who serve us - our Nation’s military, first responders, and teachers. Their dedication to duty does not go unnoticed and our appreciation for their sacrifices will never diminish. 


Our Values 

  • Our duty to give back to those who serve our Nation 
  • Size inclusivity for customers 
  • Top-notch customer service. We treat our customers like family 
  • Being the voice of our customers as it relates to the development of new athletic wear 
  • Producing only high-quality garments 
  • Curating unique designs that showcase the art of our talented textile designers 
  • To collaborate with other brand Partners in the industry and work to eliminate adversarial business relationships. Together, we can do more. 


Our Personality 

Peachy Athletic is a Team of working Moms that have an affinity for exercise, shorts, and shoes. We love to laugh, are not afraid to cry, have frequent internal disagreements, and look pretty good in some cheeky shorts. We love each other, we care deeply for our customers and truly enjoy what we do; but it doesn’t hurt to do it with a glass of wine and a good Instagram Reel here and there.  

Most importantly, we are down-to-Earth regular humans. We work multiple jobs, take care of households and pets, and raise a combined total of 5 ornery kids. Bottom-line is that we put our clothes on just like our customers do. And we put our hearts and souls into our brand. 


Frequently Asked Questions 

    • How are Peachy shorts different from other brands?
      • Peachy shorts have a unique fit that was designed to complement the human figure and withstand rigorous workouts. 
      • Our fabric is incredibly soft with just the right amount of compression throughout. It is stretchy, sweat wicking, and butter soft. Our customers consistently rave about the quality and comfort of our fabric and fit.
    • Do Peachy shorts have an elastic waistband?
      • No, Peachy shorts do not have an elastic waistband. Our shorts are intentionally made without an elastic waistband to provide a comfortable and flattering fit that is inclusive of body type and shape. Our elastic free waistband is one of the most loved features from our customer reviews.
    • Are Peachy shorts true to size? Should I order my usual size, size up, or size down?
      • Peachy shorts are true to size. Measurements can be located in our product description as well as our sizing guide. 
    • Where are Peachy Athletic designs made?
      • For several years, Peachy shorts were handmade in the USA solely by our partner, Miranda. In 2021, we converted to our manufacturer overseas.
      • Our headbands and dog bandanas are handmade in the US with locally sourced fabric from small female owned businesses.
    • What inseams are available for shorts?
      • Currently, we offer two different inseam lengths. 2.5" and 3.5"
      • Our 2.5" inseam fits are Peachy Fit, Peachy High Rise, and Vixen.
      • Our 3.5" inseam fit is Extra Peachy. Extra Peachy is also a high rise fit with a 5" rise.
    • What is Extra Peachy fit?
      • Extra Peachy fit is similar to our Peachy High Rise fit but has a longer inseam. The inseam of Extra Peachy is 3.5".
      • What is Vixen?
        • Vixen is a 4.5" high rise fit with a 2.5" inseam. It has a flattering V shaped seam on the back.
      • I still have questions and do not know what fit to order. How do I get help?
        • Amanda and Katrina are here to answer any fit questions that you might have.
        • Please contact katrina@peachyathletic.com, amanda@peachyathletic.com, or support@peachyathletic.com for assistance.
        • We are also here to take recommendations for fit improvement, or new fits and styles that you think would be great to offer in our shop.
        • Our customer feedback is so incredibly important to us, and we listen to every bit of it. We also take into consideration the need for inclusivity of body type. If you have an idea you'd like to share or a special request, please do not hesitate to share with us at any of the email addresses above.
      • What is Peachy Athletic's return policy?
        • Most items from the Peachy shop can be returned for any reason with the original tags attached. If your item did not come with tags, it can still be returned if it’s in new and unworn condition. Please read our return policy carefully. There is a 30 day return window.
        • There is no restocking fee. Customers are responsible for return shipping costs. Please contact support@peachyathletic.com to start your return.
      • Will you have a self service returns portal?
        • We will have a self service return portal to make returns even easier in the future.
      • Do Peachy shorts have a liner?
        • Our printed Peachy shorts do not have a liner. Our fabric is a great thickness and weight to where we do not currently see the need for a liner.
        • Our neon shorts have a thin white liner to prevent them from being see-through.
      • Do Peachies have a lined gusset?
        • Yes, all Peachy shorts have a lined hot pink gusset.
      • Will Peachies ever have a full liner (this is commonly referred to as "double lined")? 
        • If there is a significant demand for a full liner from our customers in the future, we will consider adding this as a style option. 
      • Are Peachy shorts squat proof?
        • Yes, Peachy shorts are squat proof. After testing hundreds of pairs in various colors, we have not had a single report of Peachy shorts being see-through. 
      • Do Peachy shorts roll?
        • Rolling is due to the shape of legs and nearly impossible to completely avoid due to physics. The bigger the thigh, the greater the chances of rolling. It can be reduced by ensuring you order the correct size and a shorter inseam length. We do our best to design fits for all body types and plan to have many more designs in the future. If you are experiencing rolling and are concerned, please contact support@peachyathletic.com to discuss fit options and see if we can help you get the right fit.
        • While rolling is often times attributed to incorrect size or inseam, sometimes it is unavoidable and can happen during certain movements that involve hip flexion like deep squatting and other movements. Usually this is minimal and not bothersome to our customers. We recommend pulling the front of your shorts up into the hip crease to prevent/minimize rolling altogether. If you have questions about this or anything else, please contact support@peachyathletic.com and we will be happy to assist you.
      • Can I go swimming in my Peachy shorts?
        • Yes, you can go swimming in Peachy shorts; but it is NOT recommended to swim in salt water or water with chemicals like pools/spas/etc. as it can damage/fade the fabric. If you'd like to swim in your Peachy shorts, it is recommended that you swim in fresh waters.
      • Can I change my order after it has been placed?
        • Please contact support@peachyathletic.com to discuss your options. We will do our best to accommodate if we are able.
      • My package was delivered late. Can I get a refund on shipping?
        • Peachy Athletic is not responsible for carrier shipping delays and shipping fees cannot be refunded.
      • Do you offer Military/First Responder discounts?
        • Yes. As of May 17th, 2021 we were able to start offering military and first responder discounts of 20%. Please use ID.me at checkout. The ID.me button is specifically on the "Cart" tab during checkout. You will have to click backwards one step to see the green ID.me button. 
      • I have a question that is not answered here. How do I get help?
        • Please contact support@peachyathletic.com.
      • Does Peachy Athletic have any Facebook groups where we can get more information about Peachy and Peachy products?
        • Yes! Please join us in Peachy Babes on Facebook. 
        • VIP members are welcome to join our VIPeachy Facebook group.
      • Help! My package is lost. What do I do?
        • Peachy Athletic is not responsible for lost or damaged packages. Select Order Protect at checkout to protect your purchase. Peachy Athletic will handle your claim from start to finish. No third-party claims nonsense. 
        • We offer Order Protect at checkout. Please select this option if you would like your package to be protected against damage, loss, or theft during transit.
        • Is your package lost? When you opt-in for Order Protect, the claims process is fast and easy. Just send us an email to support@peachyathletic.com to get started!
        • If your package is lost or damaged and you selected Order Protect at checkout, please contact us at support@peachyathletic.com and we will assist you.
        • If your package is lost or damaged and you did not select Order Protect at checkout, feel free to email us at support@peachyathetic.com and we will do our best to help you track your package. Please keep in mind that if Order Protect was not selected, we are only able to assist with tracking. If the order is damaged or lost, we are unable to assist further without purchased protection from Order Protect.
        • We understand that lost/damaged packages can be upsetting and frustrating. Please let us know if you need support.