Peachy Fit

Peachy Athletic Peachy Fit shorts. Our #1 best-selling original Peachy Fit shorts. Measuring in with a 2.5" inseam and 3" mid-rise, Peachy Fit is our cheekiest fit.



Peachy Athletic Vixen shorts. Measuring in with a 2.5" inseam and 4.5" high-rise, Vixen is our newest high-rise fit. Vixen offers a flattering V cut back, and extra coverage with a longer cut on the sides (more cheek coverage).

Peach Perfect

Peachy Athletic Peach Perfect shorts. Measuring in with a 3.5" inseam and 3" mid-rise, Peach Perfect is similar to Peachy Fit, but has a slightly longer inseam. Giving you a little more coverage. 

Extra Peachy

Peachy Athletic Extra Peachy shorts. Measuring in with a 3.5" inseam and 5" high-rise, Extra Peachy is our beloved high-rise fit. Extra Peachy fit offers the perfect combination of high-rise and a mid-length inseam. If you’re looking for more “cheek” coverage without the long inseam, Vixen would be the fit for you because of its unique cut that offers extra length on the sides and more cheek coverage.



Peachy Athletic Halycon shorts. Measuring in with a 5" inseam and 4.5" high-rise, Halycon is our newest high-rise fit with our longest available inseam. Halycon fit has a flattering V cut back seam to accentuate your curves. Halycon is perfect for those who love wearing the shorts but appreciate the most bum coverage. This fit is excellent for all athletic movements but are particularly good for running and biking.