Serenity is our newest style that earned an immediate “oh, YES!” from our customer base. Serenity has replaced our beloved Peachy Fit and offers a slightly more modest take on our traditional “booty short”.

Similar to Peachy Fit, Serenity has a 3” mid-rise and a 2.5” inseam. However, Serenity is unique. This style is cut longer on the sides for extra bum coverage and less cheek-peek. To make things even better; the shorter inseam has less fabric in the inner thigh area. Less rolling. Less bunching. Just goodness.

There is no elastic in the waistband of any of our shorts. None. See ya later, muffin top. ✌️ 

Serenity Peachy Shorts

Peachy Fit

Peachy Athletic Peachy Fit shorts. Previously our #1 best-selling original Peachy Fit shorts, it is our cheekiest fit. Measuring in with a 2.5" inseam and 3" mid-rise, Peachy Fit is loved by women (and men) around the world for its lightweight, naked feeling fit, and cheeky style.

While we no longer make Peachy Fit on a large scale, you’ll see some Unicorns pop-up from time to time, and they’ll also be available in future custom pre-orders.



Peachy Athletic Vixen shorts. Vixen has quickly become one of our fan favorite fits due to its modest coverage whilst still having a shorter inseam. Vixen measures in with a 2.5" inseam and 4.5" high-rise. Don't let the 2.5" inseam scare you away! These shorts are specially tailored to cover more booty and have less fabric on the inseam (less bunching and noooo camel-toe!). Vixen offers a flattering V cut back, and extra booty coverage with a longer cut on the sides.

Peach Perfect

Peachy Athletic Peach Perfect shorts. Measuring in with a 3.5" inseam and 3" mid-rise, Peach Perfect is similar to Peachy Fit, but has a slightly longer inseam. Peach Perfect offers you a little more booty coverage just in case you're not quite ready to "free the cheeks" just yet. Peach Perfect is our second best-selling fit, not far behind Serenity. This is our most versatile fit. Whether you're conquering the gym or the grocery store, you'll do so without any negative side-eye (only compliments!). True to its name, Peach Perfect embodies perfection in every way.

Extra Peachy

Peachy Athletic Extra Peachy shorts. Measuring in with a 3.5" inseam and 5" high-rise, Extra Peachy is our beloved high-rise fit. Extra Peachy fit offers the perfect combination of high-rise and a mid-length inseam. If you’re looking for a high-rise fit with more “cheek” coverage, scroll on up and revisit Vixen, as it has the most cheek coverage, even with a shorter inseam. Whatever your preference may be, rest assured that these shorts are worth their weight in gold.



Peachy Athletic Halycon shorts. Measuring in with a 5" inseam and 4.5" high-rise, Halycon is our newest high-rise fit with our longest available inseam. Halycon fit has a flattering V cut back seam to accentuate your curves. Halycon is perfect for those who love wearing the shorts but appreciate the most bum coverage. This fit is excellent for all athletic movements but are particularly good for running and biking. 




Introducing Luna, the latest addition to our lineup, featuring a groundbreaking inclusion: pockets! Luna stands out with its flattering design, meticulously crafted to embrace all body types while prioritizing superior comfort. Luna has a 4.5” high-rise seamless waistband offering modest coverage and support. 

With a 7" inseam, Luna offers just the right length for optimal coverage and freedom of movement without fabric rolling. What sets Luna apart is its innovative comfort gusset, strategically designed to prevent any worries about camel toe, ensuring a seamless and confidence-boosting fit.

Designed with your lifestyle in mind, Luna combines functionality with style, offering the convenience of pockets without compromising on aesthetics. Whether you're on the move or simply lounging, Luna promises to be your go-to choice for comfort and versatility.


Introducing Malibu, our latest flattering V-cut back seam creation. Malibu is a 4.5" high-rise cut crafted with a 6" inseam. Malibu is designed to cater to your active lifestyle with unparalleled comfort and versatility.

Featuring a flattering design that embraces all body types, Malibu is your go-to choice for a chic and inclusive wardrobe staple. Slip into Malibu and experience the perfect blend of functionality and fashion-forward flair. With no front seam, you can experience the bliss of not making adjustments mid-workout, and full dedication to your slay session.

What sets Malibu apart is its innovative comfort gusset, strategically integrated to ensure a seamless fit that eliminates any concerns about camel toe. With Malibu, you can move with confidence, knowing that every detail has been meticulously crafted to enhance your comfort and style.

About Our Shorts

Are you tired of struggling to find athletic shorts that fit your body without sacrificing comfort? Look no further than Peachy Athletic Shorts, designed exclusively for women of all body types, including women with strong muscles and thick thighs.

Crafted from our custom-made buttery soft, sweat-wicking fabric, Peachy Athletic Shorts offer a level of quality and comfort that sets them apart from other brands on the market. Experience a fit that is unique, flattering, and elastic-free, ensuring a muffin-top-free experience.

Key Features:

  1. Perfect Fit for Athletic Legs: Peachy Athletic Shorts are tailored to celebrate the strength and beauty of athletic legs. Our unique fit contours to your body, providing a flattering silhouette that enhances your confidence and allows for optimal movement during workouts. Say goodbye to ill-fitting shorts and hello to a tailored fit that embraces your athleticism.

  2. Buttery Soft, Sweat-Wicking Fabric: We understand the importance of feeling comfortable during your most intense workouts. Our custom-made fabric is exceptionally soft against the skin, providing a luxurious feel while efficiently wicking away sweat. Stay dry, cool, and focused on achieving your fitness goals with Peachy Athletic Shorts.

  3. Elastic-Free Design: We believe in creating shorts that offer both style and functionality. Peachy Athletic Shorts feature an elastic-free design, ensuring a comfortable and secure fit without the worry of a muffin top. Experience unrestricted movement and enjoy the freedom to train with confidence.

  4. Unique Gusset Design: At Peachy, we pay attention to every detail. Our shorts boast a signature Peachy pink gusset, adding a touch of fun and creativity to the classic design. Express your unique style with shorts that are as bold and vibrant as you are.

  5. Trusted by Athletes Worldwide: Peachy Athletic Shorts have gained a global reputation for their exceptional quality and superior fit. Athletes and fitness enthusiasts worldwide rely on Peachy for its commitment to excellence and dedication to crafting apparel that meets the needs of strong, empowered women. Join the community of Peachy advocates and experience the difference for yourself.

  6. Exclusive Partnerships: We believe in collaboration and supporting the athletic community. As proud partners of The Fit Boxx and sponsors of the Florida Grid League, with over 150 elite athletes, we align ourselves with those who share our commitment to excellence. When you choose Peachy Athletic Shorts, you join a community of like-minded individuals striving for greatness.

Experience the pinnacle of comfort and style with Peachy Athletic Shorts. Embrace a fit that celebrates your athletic build, without compromising on comfort or style. Join athletes and fitness enthusiasts worldwide who trust Peachy to enhance their performance and empower their active lifestyle.

To explore our full range of products and become part of our vibrant community, visit our website or connect with us on social media.